Happily Ever Ancient

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Visions of Antiquity for children in visual media

[English mostly]

Coordinated by: Irene Cisneros Abellán, María Cristina de la Escosura Balbás, Elena Duce Pastor, María del Mar Rodríguez Alcocer, David Serrano Lozano and Nerea Tarancón Huarte





“Happily Ever Ancient: Visions of Antiquity for Children in Visual Mediafocuses on this cultural heritage with specific interest in media productions for the youngest ones. This very first images –with which we all have grown up– shape a visual concept of Antiquity, an arrangement of the Olympic pantheon and, ultimately, a way of understanding daily life of people thousands of years ago.

This book aims to look for new approaches to ancient world researching. New studies on preconceptions about ancient world throughout history up to the present day are emerging in the framework of classical reception: historical novels, marketing or peplums are currently subject of specialized congresses and books.

Researchers understand the complexity of ancient societies, the problems implied in approaching to them while overcoming our own time’s mindset and, above all, deconstructing preconceived visions of Antiquity. The main goal of the present work is approaching this phenomenon through cinema, serials or comics, both animated and live action, intended for child or young audiences. From Disney movies to child serials and mass phenomena such as Harry Potter, going through anime, this book includes all kinds of cultural products which constitute our first ancient history school. Every chapter is related to this topic, whether dealing with a specific production or a transversal aspect in different works.

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